Entry period:  Online entry period is May 10th to June 16th.  All entries must be received by June 17th. Judging will be June 22th & 23rd. Results will be available at the Hilo Brewfest on June 24th.

Entry Fees: Entry fees are $7.00 for the first entry, $5.00 each additional entry.  Made payable to Hilo Rotary Club Foundation.

Entry Limitations: Entrants may only submit one entry per subcategory, eight (8) entries total. Your homebrew entry cannot have been brewed on equipment used to brew beverages for any commercial purpose, whether for commercial research, production or any other purpose, including equipment at brew-on-premise establishments.  You must give the names of all brewers who helped in the brewing, (no pets, please).  Judges may not judge a category they have entered.

How to enter: Online entry only: Brewscene.com  2017 Hilo Homebrew Competition. Send the entry form and check with your labeled beers to address below. Only 1 check for your ALL YOUR ENTRIES. On your check write the number of entries for which the check or money order pays and the names of the entrants if they are not all the same. We suggest you put your check in a baggie to protect them if a bottle leaks.  Attach the appropriate bottle label to the neck of each bottle with a new rubber band.  See the Bottle Label page for proper instructions. Trim off most of the excess packing tape.  The tape will prevent the ink from running if it gets wet.

How to ship: Pack your bottles carefully to avoid breakage.  Line the box with a garbage bag to help in case of leakage.  We recommend using FedEx as it is illegal to ship alcohol via the USPS. 

Ship to:
Brew Hawaii
479 Kino’ole St.,
Hilo, Hawaii 96720.
Telephone: 808 935-8857

Bottle information: Each entry requires two(2) bottles 10 to 24 ounce in size.  All bottles need to be free of any labels and glue.  Obliterate any lettering or graphics on the cap with a permanent black marker.  Corked bottles are acceptable; however, you must crimp a crown cap over the cork.  Bottles not meeting the above requirements will be disqualified.