How to enter:

  1. Go to
  2. Register your username.  Future visits use Log In.
  3. Go to Beers in the Brewers menu.  Then Create Beer(entries). You do not need to fill in any info in the Recipe section. In the Brew Day section: pick a date and fill in Co-Brewer if it applies. Notes/Special Instructions section: Be sure to list all required info as stated in the 2015 BJCP Style Guidelines for categories 27-40!
  4. Find the 2017 Hilo Homebrew Competition in the Competition menu under either Upcoming Competitions or by State.
  5. Register your entries.  For multiple entries: use the + button, then scroll in the Beer window to find your other entries.
  6. To print bottle labels:  go to Registrations under the Brewers menu, select the competition, then click on My Entries/Registrations. Print Bottle Labels icon is at the right side of each entry, along with edit and delete icons. It prints 4 labels for each entry by default.
  7. Cut out and fold your bottle labels in half, then cover with packing tape to prevent ink from running, attach to the neck of each bottle with a rubber band.  Follow the instructions under General and Submission Instruction tabs.

Good Luck!

Please read the NOTES TO BREWERS in the 2015 BJCP Style Guidelines with cider and mead to make sure you enter the correct information is on your entry form. Special note:  Entries in categories: 27-34 require Style and/or Special Ingredients information. As a general rule, these ingredients must play a role in the overall flavor/aroma mouthfeel of the homebrew.  Conversely, a homebrew listed in a category not requiring special ingredients should not have any special ingredients listed.  All MEAD entries (categories 35,36,37 & 38) must include sweetness, carbonation, and strength information.  All CIDER entries (categories 39 & 40) must include sweetness, and carbonation information.  If all required information is not provided, the entry may be disqualified.  Please use keywords and be brief in your description.  Do not use brand names, or geographic names, or any other proper names of special ingredients.  For example, instead of “Washington apples“, use “apples”, instead of “Colorado clover honey”, use “clover honey” and instead of “Kona coffee”, use “coffee”.